Monday, October 25, 2021

Here’s Why The Arc De Triomphe Was Just Wrapped In Fabric

The Arc de Triomphe — the star attraction in the Place de l’Étoile in Paris — is shrouded in fabric today, as a tribute to the late artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

It is “a sensual, popular and monumental gesture,” according to Carine Rolland, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture.

While the official English name for the project is L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, the French call it L’Arc de Triomphe Empaqueté — using the word for “packaged.”

Preparations for the temporary installation took about three months. But a time-lapse video shows that the installation’s fabric was unfurled from the top and guided to the bottom of one side of the monument in a single day.

The massive monument is now covered in 25,000 square meters of recyclable polypropylene fabric that is a silver-blue color, along with 3,000 meters of red rope. The installation will remain in place for 16 days, officially running from Sept. 18 to Oct. 3.

“No tickets are needed to see, approach, and touch the work of art,” the project website states, adding that “Place de l’Étoile will be closed to vehicular traffic on the weekend for pedestrians to enjoy the work of art. [SEE The Ful Article]


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