Monday, October 25, 2021

British man arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia

A British man working at the British embassy in Berlin has been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia.

German police say they have arrested a British man who worked at the British embassy in Berlin on suspicion of passing documents to the Russian intelligence service in exchange for cash, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Germany’s foreign ministry quoted by AFP said that Berlin was taking the issue “very seriously”.

A statement (translated from German) read:

Arrested in Potsdam by officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office in charge of the investigation. In addition, the accused’s home and workplace were searched. The accused is urgently suspected of having been working for a foreign secret service since November 2020 at the latest (Section 99 Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2 StGB in conjunction with Section 1 Paragraph 1 No. 4 NTSG).

In the arrest warrant, the accused is essentially charged with the following facts:

Until his arrest, David S. worked as a local employee at the British Embassy in Berlin. On at least one occasion he forwarded documents obtained in the course of his professional activities to a representative of a Russian intelligence service. In return for providing information, the accused received cash in a previously unknown amount.

The arrest is the result of joint investigations by German and British authorities. The accused will be brought before the investigating judge of the Federal Court of Justice today (August 11, 2021), who will open the warrant for him and decide on the execution of the pre-trial detention.”


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